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Our Mission

African American Planning Commission Inc. (AAPCI), is a New York City-based 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization committed to reducing homelessness and addressing the related issues of domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, mental illness, substance abuse, shortage of affordable housing, and unemployment in the communities in which we live and serve.

Our Vision

To be a multi-service housing, social service, community and economic development organization.

Our Strategy

AAPCI’s strategy is to develop both transitional and affordable housing that integrates comprehensive social support and services within a supportive community to ensure that individuals and families remain stable, are safely housed, remain independent and maintain their employment status.

AAPCI develops partnerships and linkages with local community-based agencies, private developers, and nationally recognized nonprofit organizations, and utilizes government programs, grants, bequests, private funds, tax-credits, contributions from private sector funders and donations from the general public to accomplish its mission.


Breaking The Cycle

AAPCI’s programs strive to break the cycle of domestic violence, HIV/AIDS transmission, homelessness, poverty and economic dependency by addressing root causes in a way that respects and keeps intact, the dignity of those served.

AAPCI’s  programs target the most needy: survivors of domestic abuse, persons and families living with HIV/AIDS, the general homeless population, the elderly, job seekers, disadvantaged children, the poor, and communities-at-large.


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AAPCI Donations

Volunteer Adult Literacy Tutor
Become a volunteer tutor in reading, writing, G.E.D. Prep, or English as a Second Language (ESL).

Call the Literacy Partners at 646-237-0120 or visit the Adult Literacy Tutor program, or Literacy Partners. Help change lives and make New York City one of the country’s most literate cities.