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Bucks for Books Campaign

This year, at the start of summer 2021, we launched our Bucks for Books campaign as part of AAPCI’s literacy program across our shelters.

Our aim is to ensure that all of our residents, children and adults alike, have access to books and reading materials during their time with us. We understand the importance of reading for education and development, and more importantly, enjoyment and offering a chance to escape into someone else’s story.

We want to instil a love of reading, with the hope that when our residents transition into finding a permanent home, they will continue this journey on their own.

To mark the launch, we were very excited to be able to host acclaimed children’s author, Carmen Rubin, at both of our domestic violence shelters in the Bronx and Brooklyn. Ms. Carmen dedicated two days to spending time with our families and members of staff, reading to them and sharing her joy of storytelling. We were thrilled to be able to start our younger residents’ reading journey by gifting them each a signed copy of one of Ms. Rubin’s books.

Additionally we are starting our Star Reader challenge, during which time those young residents who read the most books have the chance to win prizes.

Through generous donations received from you, our supporters, we have been able to purchase these books and with continued support we hope to build up a lending library in each of our shelters.

We have also been receiving in-kind donations, and our gratitude goes to the BlaQue Resource Network, a community-conscious, action-oriented organization located in Queens, who generously donated dozens of books to kick start this initiative.

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Call the Literacy Partners at 646-237-0120 or visit the Adult Literacy Tutor program, or Literacy Partners. Help change lives and make New York City one of the country’s most literate cities.