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My Story

February 25, 2011

It took me twenty years to realize exactly what was happening to me. The abuse verbal and physical almost put me in the ground. I was alive in theory but inside I had died along time ago. He hurt me. The man I grew to love since I was a girl, the one who promised to build a life with me took it away. He literally took all the life I had inside. My joy, my spirit, my ability to trust, my friendships, my family,my freedom, my ability to love, he took it all from me. Constantly threatening me so I was to afraid to leave. The few attempts I did make lead to me being stalked at work, run off the road in my car, threatened with weapons etc. I was so afraid i felt it was better to sleep with the enemy than not know where he is lurking. Year after year he broke me down. First a verbal threat, then physical. Smack after smack, Punch after punch. Until one day I had enough. I just woke up after twenty years and had enough. I was leaving no matter how I did it. Whether it was with my two feet or laying in a body bag I was leaving. God gave me the strength. I prayed about it and my body has been free for almost four years now. I say my body because mentally I still suffer from things i endured from that torment. However time heals all wounds and I look forward to the day i am completely free.


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