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Federal Funds Tracker – How to track Federal grants for New York City nonprofits

February 8, 2019

FPWA has released an online tool today to help nonprofits track federal funding to New York City social services. The Federal Funds Tracker uses interactive charts to outline how dozens of federal grants make their way to the city Administration for Children’s Services, Department of Social Services, Department of Youth and Community Development and the Department for the Aging. These four agencies – which receive a large portion of their funding from the federal government – were included in the tool in order to keep its scope manageable, but future versions of it could feature additional agencies, according to the FPWA.

“The Federal Funds Tracker was devised nearly two years ago to complement efforts by our members, advocates, and policymakers to defend against steep cuts to critical supports,” says Derek Thomas, FPWA Senior Fiscal Policy Analyst. “That threat still exists under the current administration. Following the historic 2018 election, however, we are hopeful the Tracker will support the efforts of our congressional delegation to reverse course on a decade of austerity and misplaced priorities.”

An analysis of federal funding also accompanies the release of the tracker. It finds that the four agencies have mostly weathered a steep decline in federal grants since fiscal year 2010, adjusting for inflation:

  • The Administration for Children’s Services’ federal grants have fallen by $233 million, or 19 percent.
  • Federal grants have increased by $211 million (14 percent) to the Department of Social Services.
  • The Department of Youth and Community Development’s federal grants have fallen by $45 million, or 58 percent.
  • The Department for the Aging’s federal grants have fallen by $9 million, or 12 percent.
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