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Emergency Shelter & Social Services In Commercial Hotels





Opened on June 30, 2017 and funded by the New York City Department of Homeless Services (“DHS”), AAPC has been tasked with providing Emergency Shelter and Social Support Services in leased Commercial Hotels to over 676 homeless, low-income, working single adults Citywide. Our commercial homeless hotel program is geared toward homeless working individuals who need some assistance in overcoming barriers to permanent housing and/or job retention.

The mission of AAPC’s Single Adult Emergency Shelters in Commercial Hotel program is to provide safe, temporary  housing with the goal of moving all working, single, adult clients out of shelter and help them locate permanent and/or alternate housing within or outside the State of New York while maintaining their employment status. Our methodology is to offer on- and off-site supportive case management, employment and permanent housing services which empower our clients and reduce recidivism.

During their time-limited length of stay, each client is housed in a semi-furnished room which they share with another individual. The rooms are equipped with a shower stall, and double beds, (clean pillows, sheets, and blankets). Each client is provided with a locker and padlock and a writing desk. All clients are provided three catered meals a day. Each client has access to onsite social support services to address the concrete causes and effects of homelessness, and the importance of employment retention. Clients are educated on economic self-sufficiency, how to open and maintain bank accounts, the various options and differences between a Bank, a Credit Union, and a check cashing store, as well as how to find and maintain permanent housing.

AAPC works collaboratively with leased-hotel management staff. Contrary to what some members of the general public think of the homeless and the negative stories often reported in the media about the conditions of some commercial hotel buildings (sometimes deserved but not always), the commercial hotels in which we carry out our work are kept immaculately clean by hotel management and/or building owner’s staff. All our contracted programs receive unannounced site visits/inspections from NYC DHS  and/or NYS OTDA inspectors. They visit to see, firsthand, the conditions of our facilities, to ensure that we are in full compliance with city and state regulations which govern the oversight of hotel shelters, and to ensure that residents are receiving mandated social services as per our contractual obligations. We welcome these unannounced Callahan inspections!

AAPC’s programs are staffed by credentialed Social Workers, Case Managers, Housing and Entitlement Specialists, Employment/Vocational Specialists, and Substance Abuse counselors. Support staff include Shift Supervisors, Residential Aides and Security personnel. Our programs operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Referrals to our program is made directly by the NYC Department of Homeless Services (“DHS”).

On-site services and programs include:

  • shared semi-furnished rooms
  • three nutritious meals per day
  • individual case management services
  • individual and group counseling services
  • affordable housing search assistance
  • vocational & employment counseling, including job retention strategies
  • money management and financial counseling
  • living skills workshops

Eventually, through staff assistance, self-discipline and self-reliance, clients are expected to move into permanent and/or alternate housing.


Operating and Social Service Subsidies:

NYC Department of Homeless Services (DHS)
Individual & Anonymous donations


Single Adults: Applying for Temporary Housing Assistance

Where do single adults go to apply for shelter?

All single adult males must apply at:

30th Street Intake Center
400-430 East 30th Street
New York, NY

30th Street is open 24 hours per day, including weekends and holidays.

How to Get There:
Subway: Take the 6 train to 28th Street. Walk east to 1st Avenue, turn left, and go north to 30th Street. Entrance is now at 30th Street and 1st Avenue.

All single adult women must apply at one of the following locations:

HELP Women’s Shelter
116 Williams Avenue (between Liberty Avenue and Glenmore Avenue)
Brooklyn, NY

How to Get There:
Subway: Take the C train to Liberty Avenue.

Franklin Shelter
1122 Franklin Avenue (near 166th Street)
Bronx, NY

How to Get There:
Take the 2 train to 149th Street, followed by the #55 bus to 166th Street and 3rd Avenue.

Homeless individuals who have been in shelter in the last 12 months should return to the same shelter.

What do single adults need to bring to the intake center in order to apply for temporary housing assistance?
The following forms of ID are very helpful during the intake process (but are not required):

  • Any form of ID with a picture and proof of age, such as a driver’s license, state-issued ID, passport or visa, welfare card or green card
  • Social Security card
  • Medicaid card, if available
  • If working, your most recent pay stub

What if I don’t speak English?
Interpreter assistance will be made available for individuals who do not speak English.

line650Hotline Phone Numbers

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

In New York City ONLY
Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-621-HOPE (4673)
Crime Victims Hotline: 1-866-689-HELP (4357)
Rape & Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-212-227-3000
TDD phone number for all hotlines: 1-866-604-5350


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